By George Buchner

A story of a man and all his unfortunate encounters in his life as a military barber. From his commanding officer's absurd requests, a doctor's strange experiments and a cheating partner, Woyzeck's physical and mental health beings to deteriorate. A man can only take so much before he snaps and finds himself in a situation he regrets.



  • Woyzeck Séan McGinley
  • Company Diarmuid Burke
  • Kevin Coyne
  • Marie Mullen
  • Paul O’Neill
  • Katherine O’Reilly
  • Maelíosa Stafford

Creative Team

  • Director Garry Hynes
  • Lighting Design Donal Hynes
  • Composer Tom Cullivan

Production Team

  • Set Construction Séan McGinley
  • Maelíosa Stafford
  • Costumes Maura McInerney
  • Madeline Small
  • Marie Mullen
  • Lighting Operation Jerome Hynes
  • Poster Diarmuid Burke
  • Musicians:
  • Harp & Voice Lily O’Dea
  • Bodhrán & Bones John Coll
  • Marionettes Marion Coady