Waiting for Godot

On a bare road in the middle of nowhere, two world-weary friends await the arrival of the mysterious Godot. While waiting, they speculate, bicker, joke and ponder life’s greater questions. As dusk begins to fall, two figures appear on the horizon.

Regarded as one of the most significant plays of the twentieth century, Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett is a masterpiece that draws endless interpretations.

‘Well? Shall we go? Yes, let’s go.’


Production Team

  • Production Manager Padraig O‘Neill
  • Stage Manager Moya McHugh
  • Assistant Stage Manager Orfhlaith Stafford
  • Set Construction Steve Plant, Padraig Breathnach
  • Scenic Artist Gabby Dowling
  • Technician David Murphy
  • Wardrobe Monica Ennis
  • Stage Hand Bernie Walsh
  • Publicity & Programme Jerome Hynes
  • Photography Amelia Stein
  • Poster & Rehearsal Drawings Brian Bourke
  • Box Office Anne Butler
  • Artistic Director Garry Hynes
  • General Manager Jane Daly
  • Administrative Assistant Maureen Hughes


  • Estragon Ray McBride
  • Vladimir Seán McGinley
  • Lucky Máirtín Jaimsie
  • Pozzo Mick Lally
  • Boy Phillip Flynn
  • Boy Michael Shannon