There are Tragedies and there are Tragedies

By George Fitzmaurice

When a bank collapse leaves Humphrey and Kytie with no life savings Humphrey does not give up hope on his dreams, even when their in-laws drop by in hope of making some money. Will Humphrey be able to hold on to his dreams for very long?

‘superbly dramatic and intensely moving’- Tuam Herald



  • Humphrey Doolen Paul O’Neill
  • Kytie Maryanne McGrath
  • Geoffrey Pat Connaughton
  • Maura Marie Mullen
  • Mogue Seán Mc Ginley

Creative Team

  • Director Garry Hynes

Prodcution Team

  • Set & Costumes Marion Coady
  • Marie Mullen
  • Maryanne McGrath
  • Lighting Donal Hynes