The Rivals

A story of changing identity, beauty only going skin deep and living in a fantasy a young girl after growing up with romance novels her story, in her eyes, must end with her marrying a poor man. Will her aunt Mrs Malapop allow her to pick ‘the one’ out of all the suitors she has, or will the aunt make the final decision?

‘…it must be seen…’- Sunday Tribune
‘There seems to be no limit to the variety of pleasure Galway’s Druid Theatre company can provide, or to the scope of their innovative talent’- Irish Press



  • Tomas/ David Séan McGinley
  • Fag Michael O’Neill
  • Lydia Languish Deirdre Monaghan
  • Lucy Mary Ryan
  • Julia Ailbhe Garvey
  • Mrs. Malaprop Marie Mullen
  • Sir Anthony Des McAleer
  • Capt. Jack Edward Richards
  • Faulkland David Calvert
  • Bob Acres Maelíosa Stafford
  • Sir Lucius Ray McBride

Creative Team

  • Director Garry Hynes
  • Design Gabby Dowling, Garry Hynes
  • Lighting Design Padraic Boran
  • Costume Design Gabby Dowling

Production Team

  • Set Construction Steve Plant
  • Operator (Lights) Tom Conroy
  • Additional Artwork Padraig K O’Neill
  • Ladies Costumes Peggy Sharkey
  • Gentlemens Suits David Young
  • Programme Jerome Hynes
  • Poster Charlie O’Neill (graphics based on Roy Lichenstein’s art)
  • Artistic Director Garry Hynes
  • Company Administrator Jerome Hynes