Oedipus, the King of Thebes sets out on a quest to find the murderer of the former king, Laius. Creon, the king’s brother in law explains rumour has it the murder of King Laius brought on a religious plague as the murderer was not punished. On this journey to find the murderer Oedipus learns a lot about himself and his past.


Production Team

  • Production Manager Brien Vahey
  • Stage Director Padraig O‘Neill
  • Stage Manager Moya McHugh
  • Set Construction Alan Clarke, Dominick Lyons
  • House Carpenter Bernie Walsh
  • Scenic Artist Jack Kirwan
  • Wardrobe Monica Ennis
  • Technician David Murphy
  • Script Consultant Brian Arkin
  • Publicity & Programme Jerome Hynes
  • Poster Kevin Scally
  • Photography Amelia Stein
  • Programme Note Brian Arkins
  • Box Office Anne Butler