Much Ado About Nothing

As Leonato welcome friends back from war along with their company into his home, his daughter Hero, and his niece Beatrice have fallen in love with their guests. But Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother Don John, decided to ruin everyone’s happiness with lies.



  • Leonato Keith Casburn
  • Antonia Rebecca Bartlett
  • Hero Orna Garvey
  • Margaret Rebecca Bartlett
  • Ursla Eileen Gibbons
  • Beatrice Marie Mullen
  • Don Pedro Peter Lawson
  • Claudio Maelíosa Staffford
  • Benedick Mike Williams
  • Balthasar Séan McGinley
  • Don John Peter Lawson
  • Borachio Raymond McBride
  • Conrade Eugene Scanlon
  • Dogberry Séan McGinley
  • George Seacole Maelíosa Stafford
  • Friar Francis Séan McGinley

Production/Creative Team

  • Incidental Music Tommy Joyce , Brendan O'Connor
  • Set Design Garry Hynes, Stephen Plant
  • Design Consultant Juliet Watkinson
  • Set Construction Stephen Plant, Séan McGinely
  • Lighting Design Maelíosa Stafford
  • Lighting Operated Yannig Guiomard
  • Musical Director Brendan O'Connor
  • Piano Triona Glynn
  • Props Peter Lawson, Keith Casburn
  • Costume Marie Mullen, Liz Hardiman
  • Stage Furnishings Orla Stafford
  • Production Photograohy Joe Dillon Camelot Studios