Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy

Directed by Garry Hynes

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In DruidO'Casey, more than 40 characters will be performed by 18 actors, including 4 members of the Druid Ensemble(^) and 7 actors making their Druid stage debut(*).

The production will be realised by a creative team of 12, led by Druid's Artistic Director Garry Hynes. The creative team includes 4 recipients of Druid's Marie Mullen Bursary(±).

The sets and costumes for the world premiere production of DruidO’Casey were created by Druid in Galway, at their Ballybane Scenic Workshop and their Nuns’ Island Costume Department.



  • Gabriel Adewusi*
  • Tara Cush*
  • Zara Devlin
  • Caitríona Ennis*
  • Hilda Fay*
  • Tommy Harris*
  • Anna Healy
  • Liam Heslin
  • Bosco Hogan
  • Sean Kearns
  • Sophie Lenglinger*
  • Garrett Lombard^
  • Aaron Monaghan^
  • Sarah Morris
  • Rory Nolan^
  • Robbie O’Connor*
  • Marty Rea^
  • Catherine Walsh

The Plough and the Stars

  • Lieutenant Langon Gabriel Adewusi
  • Mollser Tara Cush
  • Bessie Burgess Hilda Fay
  • Rosie Redmond Anna Healy
  • Jack Clitheroe Liam Heslin
  • Peter Flynn Bosco Hogan
  • A Bartender & Sergeant Tinley Sean Kearns
  • Nora Clitheroe Sophie Lenglinger
  • Captain Brennan Garrett Lombard
  • Fluther Good Aaron Monaghan
  • Mrs Gogan Sarah Morris
  • The Figure in the Window & Corporal Stoddart Robbie O’Connor
  • The Young Covey Marty Rea
  • A Woman Catherine Walsh

The shadow of a gunman

  • An Auxiliary Gabriel Adewusi
  • Minnie Powell Caitríona Ennis
  • Mrs Henderson Anna Healy
  • Mr Maguire Liam Heslin
  • Mr Gallogher Bosco Hogan
  • Adolphus Grigson Sean Kearns
  • Mr Mulligan Garrett Lombard
  • Seumas Shields Rory Nolan
  • Tommy Owens Robbie O’Connor
  • Donal Davoren Marty Rea
  • Mrs Grigson Catherine Walsh

juno and the paycock

  • Jerry Devine Gabriel Adewusi
  • An Irregular Mobiliser Tara Cush
  • Mary Boyle Zara Devlin
  • Mrs Maisie Madigan Caitríona Ennis
  • Juno Boyle Hilda Fay
  • Johnny Boyle Tommy Harris
  • A Coal-Block Vendor Anna Healy
  • Charles Bentham Liam Heslin
  • Furniture Removal Man #2 Sean Kearns
  • Furniture Removal Man #1 Garrett Lombard
  • Joxer Daly Aaron Monaghan
  • A Neighbour Sarah Morris
  • Captain Jack Boyle Rory Nolan
  • A Sewing-Machine Man & Irregular #1 Robbie O’Connor
  • Needle Nugent & Irregular #2 Marty Rea
  • Mrs Tancred Catherine Walsh

Creative Team

  • Director Garry Hynes
  • Set and Costume Design Francis O'Connor
  • Co-Costume Design Clíodhna Hallissey±
  • Lighting Design James F. Ingalls
  • Sound Design Gregory Clarke
  • Movement Director David Bolger
  • Composer and Musical Director Conor Linehan
  • Casting Director Amy Rowan
  • Hair and Make-Up Design Gráinne Coughlan
  • Associate Director Sarah Baxter±
  • Assistant Director Katie O’Halloran±
  • Assistant Lighting Designer Suzie Cummins±

Production Team

  • Deputy Stage Manager Sophie Flynn
  • Assistant Stage Managers Mark Jackson, Síle Mahon, Rachel Stout
  • Costume Supervisor Clíodhna Hallissey
  • Deputy Costume Supervisor Eavan Gribbin
  • Costume Assistants Yvette Picque, Shauna Ward
  • Costume Makers Denise Assas, Gillian Carew, Denis Darcy, Marie Murray, Shauna Ward
  • Hair and Make-Up Assistant Sarah O’Rourke
  • Technical Stage Manager Adrian Leake
  • Lighting Programmer Susan Collins
  • Chief Electrician Paul Kelly
  • Production Electrician Shannon Light
  • Production Sound Richard Curwood
  • Master Carpenter Gus Dewar
  • Carpenter Keith Newman
  • Scenic Artist Rachel Towey
  • Dialect Coach Robbie O’Connor
  • Promotional Artwork Mick O’Dea
  • Photography Ros Kavanagh, Ste Murray
  • Videography Heavy Man Films, Ste Murray
  • Graphic Design Gareth Jones
  • Publicity Bowe Communications
  • US Tour Booker Pemberley Productions