Druid Debut - The Mouth of the Birch

By Shane Mac an Bhaird

Directed by Emily Foran

Two siblings have inherited a closed-down travel agency in the small Monaghan town of Beithe. In a desperate attempt to hold their world together, they invite fellow outsiders from the town to go on a 'Holiday of the Imagination' in the run-down shop.

The Mouth of the Birch looks at the chasm of belonging that has opened in the heart of a rural Ireland, a much changed, much fantasised landscape of the dreaming human spirit.

This summer, Druid Debuts, the company’s annual rehearsed reading series, is a live online experience featuring four new plays running every Thursday 2 - 23 July 2020. More Information.



  • John 'Juicey' McEntee Brendan Conroy
  • Tessy Duffy Zara Devlin
  • Joseph Duffy Eanna Hardwicke
  • Sarah McCabe Sarah Morris

Creative & Production Team

  • Director Emily Foran
  • Stage Manager Sophie Flynn
  • Stage Directions