Druid: The Galway Tour

We are delighted to announce Druid: The Galway Tour, a Galway 2020 commission. This ambitious, county-wide project recalls Druid's original and on-going commitment to rural touring.

In a large-scale tour, the company will live and work in the towns and villages across County Galway, creating and presenting a series of the greatest Irish one-act plays of the 20th century. As part of the project, a company of Druid actors, creatives and technical personnel will be embedded in communities throughout the county. With access to rehearsals and interactions with the cast, local communities will have a unique opportunity to engage in a professional production by a world-renowned theatre company.The tour will culminate in a month-long residency in The Mick Lally Theatre on Druid Lane during summer 2020.

Creatively re-imagined and presented in site-specific locations and venues, it is hoped that this project will leave a lasting legacy within the fabric of these communities.

Full details December 2019.

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